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Weekend Ligue resolve: Hutch at home in northern won in

by Ligue 1 Teams | 3 comments

Ligue last weekend visiting team Waterloo, 10 visiting team won only two games, a total of only four goals, good team All Lille, Bordeaux, Valenciennes three recent defeat on the road! This weekend, the three teams are back to the home game, superior strength and powerful home each take points. The home Long eliminate newly promoted Valenciennes 0 1 lost the war with Saint-Etienne's dark horse is not surprising, after all, Saint-Etienne recent even better, the strength is slightly stronger, as a famous French insects away, Valenciennes is not have the strength to score points from the Saint-Etienne's home. Valenciennes will be back home in another faces season seven home 4 wins, 3 draws and also never lost, have conceded 17 home attack and defense are the highest in the French second place; midfielder Kadir and Dani Qi outstanding performance and stability, and the former has five goals fetched the latter six assists, two equally impressive recent striker Peoria of Seoul and Retaillau lux together constitute the powerful offensive of Valenciennes . Lance last round of home goalless draw with Brest, 1 minute of Brest season away from the side reflects a the Lance difficult satisfactory state, bringing Lance has 6 field victorious lost 4 field, only six games into the 3 ball exposed Lance not good offensive ills. Not good away Lance another ills, this season, six times a guest never to win only two total goals away ATK lowest. Specific to off war Valenciennes, Lance countless more have been 40 years old! Main absence Lance both before and after the field of the field, the strength and then discounted single blogger wins. Bordeaux home Cheng Wei Bordeaux is another should be optimistic about the home team. Last weekend, Bordeaux 3-0 away 1 loss to Montpellier reached the top three hope blocked, depth and lack of reality, Bordeaux cope with the league and the war in Europe is indeed difficult to get a response after a week of rest, physical Bordeaux, except outside the rest of the main field Obraniak can play relatively complete lineup. The other hand, opponents Sochaux total of 10 people will not play due to injury, the strength greatly reduced. Sochaux 2 wins and 1 loss record in the past four slight recovery, but specific performance is not trustworthy, the weekend home to face the general strength of Nice not only 0:1 loss, shot more than 21 to 6 lags far behind ! Seven away to Sochaux, a total of only four goals, attack power is quite bad away score also ranked next to last, while Bordeaux not only is one of only three unbeaten teams, total goals conceded at home is as low as 4. In addition to the 2010/11 season 0 4 to 8 years lost to Sochaux accident Bordeaux 7 brilliant six wins and one draw at home to Sochaux. Sochaux has always been good at dealing with force and confrontation pay attention to, such as Bordeaux this team, the home team great hope. On Lille again carcasses Bastia Last weekend, Lille 0 1 lost to Marseille suffered two straight away, this war has further exposed Lille good at fighting off and not good at playing teams weaknesses: League top eight away, Lille only 2 wins season with Lyon (microblogging data), no one to win the contest in Bordeaux, Paris, Rennes and Marseille. But in the end strong, Lille clash with the middle and lower reaches of the team rarely missed home record is pretty good, the latter point is Lille is not the top three pull too many important factors. Midweek League Cup, Lille, Bastia kick a League Cup, although a lot of main is frozen, Lille still 3-0, this victory for Lille in the second battle both sides 3 days occupy the absolute psychological advantage. Quite obvious from the competition process, the advantages of Lille midfielder Martin finally found a state, the performance of the defense has also been improved. Except striker Nolan Roux, Lille can play the rest of the main lineup than lack Rothen and Meshaal two core Bastia complete. At home to Lille, in addition to the 1 to 2 negative outside Paris season league also never lost Bastia nearly six away draws, 4 losses away to play quite bad, worse defense, 14 ZhanBa, Pakistan the Modestia Had 33 goals, conceded reached as many as 10 games over two games! This century Lille play at home to Bastia, achieved 4 wins and 1 level of success, the northern derby neighbors Valenciennes, Lille this field also is expected to win.The strong teams most of the guest, the rosy situation of the last round of the home team is unlikely to appear again. Paris, Rennes and Marseille 3 should be optimistic about the visiting team the respective opponents Nice, Troyes and Brest, strength is not strong, can as a first choice, consider customer wins are Nice and Troyes week hit League Cup, the two teams do not adapt to two games a week rhythm, Paris and Rennes even worth a blog; touches opponents Marseille Bray Benitez home fighting strong, yet to taste defeat this season at home 5-1 draws, therefore optimistic about Marseille At the same time, the need to draw a little style. Nancy is worth focusing on the visiting team, although 13 consecutive games Kingmax club's history, but Nancy proximal state has improved its opponents Yiwei En play at home is not good, not the whole team outside also not very good at Funan Xi embarrassment hope this counter attacking team, the presence of the vice squad out victorious, the field recommend walking two.

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