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The Bundesliga is the rapid development in recent years has made great progress. Performance to the war in Europe, for example, in the past three years, Bayern Munich twice reached the Champions League final, Schalke advance to the semi-finals. The field in the European League, Bundesliga teams have been excellent record, a lot of war in Europe Points to win the league. This season, the Bundesliga seems to usher in the harvest season, the Champions League with three teams ahead of an advance to the knockout stage together, the European Union four teams have three teams qualify, only a thin Stuttgart final defeat the weakest opponents to achieve the war in Europe VII team Qi into the knockout of the grand occasion of the war in Europe. It can be said that the development of the Bundesliga in recent years has ushered in a turning point, as long as they maintain such development and timely breakthrough, the throne is not a dream of the the Bundesliga return to Europe's first league. And taking into account the recent Premier League, La Liga, Serie developments, we are more confident that the Bundesliga will be realized in the near future to overtake. The Premiership: huge amounts of capital I'm afraid of fair play rules As the now well-deserved first league in the world, whether it is the number of strong teams, the competitive level of the league, or the number of players, the Premiership can say is disdain for the major league. Each Premier League team, there is at least one to two players headed now bottom of Queens Park Rangers team, players get together, a large number of major league players championship experience in the effectiveness of the team. And transmission costs, marketing income, English Premier League teams are among the best in Europe. But it is worth noting that most of the English Premier League team by millionaire inject maintain the operation, with the introduction of the UEFA financial fair competition rules, the Premier League club will surely receive the impact. Although Manchester City with his boss's money to invest in their own "dodged a bullet, but with the perfection of the rules, the advantage of the loopholes of the behavior is unlikely to be a continuation of the English Premier League team must find a more healthy way they operate.

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